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Childrens Fancy Dress Costumes

It definitely goes without saying that children love fancy dress. What makes the idea of fancy dress costumes for adults quite so much fun is, if you think about it, that it appeals to the child in all of us! Children have wonderful imaginations and can be entertained for hours on end when presented with a fancy dress drawer and they don’t even have to be going to a party. It doesn’t matter if they’re on their own or with a group of friends, on a rainy afternoon, when there’s nothing much to do, then presenting your children with some fancy dress costumes can create a huge amount of fun for both you and them.

Like adults, childrens fancy dress costumes need to be something that they recognise and can identify with. This means that the popular fancy dress themes are costumes that the kids love to watch every day on television in cartoons or films. So for boys or for girls, Disney costumes are a huge part of childrens fancy dress because, let’s face it, you’d be hard pressed to find a child who has seen a Disney film and hasn’t loved it. And what with the huge scope of Disney movies that have been blockbusting successes, the scope of fancy dress ideas for children is simply vast. Within this theme you could go from pirates to cowboys, a Disney princess to a High School Musical Cheerleader and with the fantastic colours and great designs, your child is almost certain to fall in love with his or her new outfit.

If on the other hand Disney isn’t really your child’s favourite thing then there are a huge number of fantastic costumes from other movies and TV shows that they are sure to adore. If your kid’s favourite cartoon is Postman Pat or Ben 10, Star Wars or Wizard of Oz then there’s no better way for them to show it off with a cool fancy dress costume, and with the hundreds of actual outfits from the licensed shows then they can easily look the exact part.

Alongside Halloween, Book Day is fast becoming one of the biggest dressing up event for children in the year. This is organised in March by schools all across the country and is a day when kids are encouraged to go to school in the fancy dress of the characters from their favourite novels. It’s a fantastic day for children to express themselves and inject some real fun into reading and learning. With the vast number of popular kid’s books available, there are literally hundreds of fancy dress ideas and themes for kids to choose from. Some of the really popular costumes for book day are obviously wizards and witches outfits from Harry Potter. As one of the biggest selling series of books ever, Hogwarts’ student costumes are consistently hugely popular each year. Specifically for boys, Lord of the Rings fancy dress is always a brilliant theme. Not only is it a fantastic trilogy but they also get to play with swords and act out from the films. At the other extreme, for girls, Alice in Wonderland is a beloved story and hugely popular, with so many great characters like the White Rabbit and The Mad Hatter. There are loads of different colourful and pretty outfits to choose from for characters out of this great novel.

Book Day is a great example of a time where children can use fancy dress to make learning fun. Costumes can play a massive part in making school work much more appealing and less boring for kids. In particular, this applies to History lessons where otherwise mind numbingly boring subjects can be made quite exciting with a healthy application of dressing up. So while kids are learning about Medieval Tudors or the Victorians they can dress up in these costumes to act out and understand life back then. In particular this is done a lot in schools as part of a World War 2 evacuee girls and boys project. This is a period that is quite difficult to relate to, so the kids can get a real feel for how difficult life was during war time by acting out in character the day to day things that had to be done, and what better way to get in character than with some realistic evacuee fancy dress.

Now you couldn’t spend any reasonable time talking about children’s fancy dress costumes without venturing into Halloween. This is undoubtedly the biggest time of the year for fancy dress and is a fantastic time for kids to put on their best ghoulish outfit and wander the streets in search for goodies. Trick or Treating has become something of an institution for children in the UK and some would argue the case for it as an essential part of their childhood experience. This is why there are hundreds upon hundreds of really fantastic Children’s fancy dress ideas for Halloween and these costumes make sure of maximum scare effect in order to get maximum sweeties. Post trick or treating, kids parties are another great Halloween tradition and brilliant fun for your child and all their friends, with a whole host of party games and fun to be had like bobbing for apples or telling ghost stories. All in all, Halloween is an extremely fun time of year and a very difficult temptation to resist.

Fortunately for you, at Universal Fancy Dress we have a fantastic range of great childrens fancy dress costumes and lots of ideas for all kid’s parties or events. No matter what theme or occasion you have in mind, we will definitely have something to suit you. Whether it’s cheap fancy dress you are looking for or higher quality outfits for longer term use, you can easily browse our website for the perfect costumes that children will fall in love with. Apart from it just being loads of fun, there are lots of reasons why children should dress up, and this is why we have such a fantastic range. At Universal Fancy Dress we have a price guarantee for all our items and we offer free delivery on all orders over £20, so you can be absolutely sure that we are the best value around. Next time you need children’s fancy dress costumes there is no better place to go than Universal Fancy Dress!


Childrens Fancy Dress Costumes

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