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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! At Universal Fancy Dress Christmas is one of our favourite holidays and rightly so, it’s a time of giving, a time for family and most importantly a time for partying. Christmas is definitely the largest holiday that we get in the UK and is a real time for merriment, so with all that time off work there’s absolutely no excuse not to throw a party and, with such an obvious theme, why not make it a Christmas fancy dress party.



The office Christmas party is the obvious choice to go for with a fancy dress theme, this is possibly the only time that you’re going to be able to see your boss dressed like Santa Claus so it’s definitely an opportunity that needs grabbing. It is also a great way to break the ice and encourage people to have more fun, so if you work in a less than exciting office then get everybody in a Christmas fancy dress costume and see what happens. Outside of the office, Christmas parties are a fantastic way of getting all your friends together in one place during the holiday period, it’s the best time of year to throw one because everybody is going to be free and not tied down with work. Again turning it into an Xmas fancy dress party will help get everyone into the spirit of things, it’s a sure fire way of making sure that your party is more lively and at the very least people will turn up in a Christmas hat.



Naturally Christmas fancy dress very much revolves around the theme of Santa Claus and other winter and Christmas icons. It’s all about bringing to life the things we love about Christmas and also looking good at the same time. Ladies Christmas fancy dress costumes can be anything from a sexy Miss Santa to a fun Christmas tree or snowman outfit, Christmas elves are a particularly popular theme and luckily there are loads of fantastic costumes for you to look either sexy or fun…  Ladies Christmas fancy dress outfits are a fabulous way for girls to dress up because they are so flexible, you can quite easily find Xmas fancy dress costumes that are elegant, cute, sexy or fun so girls are very much spoilt for choice on style.



Mens Christmas fancy dress revolves around various representations of Santa Claus, Elves, Snowmen and other Christmas related ideas, there’s much more of a focus on the fun side of Christmas with sexy Elf costumes for those who do want a bit of sex appeal. The great thing about mens Xmas fancy dress, especially at Universal Fancy Dress, is the breadth of outfits for this one theme, there are Santa Claus and Elf costumes for every style and budget with cheap fancy dress costumes all the way up to the most fantastic quality Santa Claus costumes on the market, and everything has one thing in common and that’s that they are all great value!


Now it wouldn’t really be Christmas without the annual childrens nativity play hosted by the local school or church. This is a time honoured British tradition of kids re-enacting the birth of Jesus, it’s a really nice way for children to learn about the real meaning of Christmas and for them to show off to their parents.  It’s sometimes played out with a bit of a twist but, on the whole, the main characters stay the same, with the three kings, the manger, Mary and Joseph and of course not forgetting little baby Jesus. Childrens nativity fancy dress obviously encompasses everyone that’s played in this story, from all the main characters to the animals in the stable. There are some lovely Christmas fancy dress nativity costumes around to make your kids feel extra special whilst in their play, because naturally if they’re on stage then they’ll want to show off!



One type of event that is getting increasingly popular and so probably deserves special mention are the large scale Santa Claus events, such as gatherings or fun runs. The idea is that the event takes place with as many people as possible together dressed in Christmas fancy dress as a fantastic bid to bring in the season for a town or city. This is a brilliant Christmas fancy dress idea and often the amounts of people who attend are well into their hundreds (running in a full Santa outfit can get a little hot though!). Have a look to see if your local town or city is running an event like this and get involved, it always turns out to be a lot of fun.



Christmas Santa hats are a very common sight over the holiday season and a big part of Christmas fancy dress. Hats in general are a very easy way of getting a fun fancy dress effect and so are also great ways of getting into that holiday spirit. Whilst many people will choose to go all the way and get a full Xmas fancy dress costume, a few won’t have the time or inclination and so the Christmas hat is a lovely middle ground, a fun way of entering into the merriment without fully dressing up.



Whether you’re at a party, on a night out, having fun with your kids or just want to get into the spirit, Christmas fancy dress is the best way for some good old Chris Cringle fun. At Universal Fancy Dress we have an amazing range of Christmas fancy dress costumes for everyone and for everyone’s budget, from the sexiest Miss Santa outfits to the most fun Christmas trees, snowmen and everything else Christmas. We also have some fantastic Christmas fancy dress hats of all shapes and sizes, all of which are a great way to enter the holiday spirit. We offer free standard delivery for any orders over £20 and a next day delivery service for anyone who’s left it a bit last minute. So browse our range for something to suit you and have a very merry Christmas.


Christmas Fancy Dress




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