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The beauty of fancy dress is quite simply that you can take your costumes just as far as you want to! If you’re not too interested then you can just buy a fancy dress outfit and be done with it, however if you’re like us and like to take it really rather seriously then you can use a whole host of fancy dress accessories to take your outfit to a whole new level of awesome. When we talk about fancy dress costume accessories we mean anything that adds to the clothes themselves, so this includes wigs, jewellery, beards, moustaches, masks, weapons, contact lenses or in fact anything that you can use to make your look all the more amazing.



With fancy dress it’s the details that really make an outfit and in some cases a good selection of fancy dress costume accessories can enable you to create your entire costume from scratch. So if you are looking to put a real edge on your costume in order to make it that bit more unique and better than everyone else’s at the party, the key is in the right fancy dress accessories. Now obviously some costumes are easier to accessorise than others but you can definitely always rely on there always being a little extra something that will give your fancy dress costume that twist.



Tights and stockings are subtle but very effective to complete a ladies fancy dress costume, particularly if you’re going for a sexy look. No man can help themselves in the presence of a pair of sexy stockings which makes them both an effective and useful form of fancy dress accessories. There are loads of different designs to choose from whether you just want a simple pair of fishnet tights or one of the many themed stockings for nurses, soldiers, sailors or other fantastic designs. Also for all the girls who want to go all the way with their outfit we even have fancy dress underwear, in case your costume is a bit short we have a great range of frilly knickers that are sure to make you both look and feel amazing.



Another great range of fantastic ladies fancy dress accessories are feather boas, there’s definitely something innately sexy and seductive about a girl with feathers around her neck. With a whole host of different colours you can work them in to any outfit and very easily get that extra suggestive twist.



Weapons are a great addition to a fancy dress costume, firstly because they give a good authentic effect but also because you get to play with them! There are loads of different styles of weapons throughout all the ages and for all the different fancy dress themes because naturally you have to have the right weapon for the right costume, otherwise it would look odd. For pirates we have cutlasses, for knights we have broadswords, gangsters must have Tommy guns and an army soldier needs a rifle. So for any military or adventure outfit, a weapon that shows that you mean business is an excellent fancy dress accessory.



For a slightly less hostile range of fancy dress accessories, jewellery or glasses are great ways to really add an extra something to your costume. This works particularly well for 60s, 70s and 80s fancy dress costumes where certain accessories such as peace medallions, hippie glasses or some well-placed bling are extremely popular additions in order to make your look that much better. Fancy dress jewellery is also a fantastic way of building your costume from scratch, for example, if you had some clothes lying around that could be converted into an outfit, then a selection of fancy dress costume accessories such as medallions, rings, necklaces or glasses can add the perfect finishing touches to your outfit.




Some of the funniest kinds of fancy dress costumes are celebrities, whether it’s a pop star or political figurehead there is a lot of fun to be had from dressing as a famous face. The trouble with this however is that it is difficult to make it clear exactly who you are, therefore a masks are very useful forms of fancy dress accessories, with some celebrities being very difficult to emulate a caricatured mask is the key to letting everyone know who you are. There are loads of different characters available and it’s such an easy way of getting a great effect that everyone is sure to love.



If however you don’t like the sound of a mask then increasingly some of the favourite types of fancy dress accessories are fancy dress for your eyes such as cosmetic contact lenses or false eyelashes. These give an absolutely brilliant effect and there are loads of designs to choose from for all types of fancy dress themes, with cosmetic contact lenses you can instantly give yourself red devil eyes, cat eyes, bionic or alien eyes, it’s a fantastic way of really creeping people out. False eyelashes on the other hand are particularly good if you’re going for a glamorous or neon rave look. These are quite a new type of fancy dress costume accessories and they are definitely the best way to take your look to a whole new level using fancy dress accessories.



For something to go with your eyelashes and cosmetic contact lenses, fancy dress make up is almost an essential for a lot of outfits. Not only does face paint make for great fancy dress accessories but it makes getting ready a whole lot more fun, you can extend your creative side to new levels by creating designs and making up your face to match your costume. This extends from the very simple, such as a complete blue wash for a Smurf costume all the way to a much more complicated face painting if you’re going as an animal. Face paints and make up come in single colours and sets, which means that you are covered for any intricate designs you may be brave enough to do and people will love you for it!



At Universal Fancy Dress we stock all kinds of fantastic fancy dress accessories, we understand that if you’re going to dress up then you have to do it well and so all of our accessories are handpicked to either complement our great range of costumes or enable you to build your own costume from scratch. For whatever theme you may want we will almost certainly have something to give you that extra twist and if not, then we can find it for you. As you can see there are loads of different types of fancy dress costume accessories and we stock them all, with our price match guarantee and our free delivery on all orders over £20, you can be sure that you are getting the best deal around. So for anything you might need for your fancy dress costume, look no further than Universal Fancy Dress.

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