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Welcome to the world of Universal Fancy Dress, where we take costumes and outfits very seriously! When holding any kind of party, gathering, shindig, bash, hootenanny or soiree, it’s often important, sometimes even necessary, to give it some kind of twist or spice to make it a bit different from your average run-of-the-mill event. Arguably, the most exciting twist is to turn it into a fancy dress costume party. Often people think that fancy dress parties are only something for Halloween or for children, but they couldn’t be more wrong; adding a fancy dress costume theme to a party is a brilliant way of jazzing it up whether you’re a child or an adult.

Any party can be livened up with the application of fancy dress. For example, murder mystery dinner parties are great fun with their costumed shenanigans so why not do the same with any other dinner parties? Although you don’t have to include the murder mystery bit. Fancy dress costumes are the perfect ice breaker for this kind of event and so will almost certainly encourage everyone to have that much more fun. So set the fancy dress theme and watch the craziness unfold. Office parties are another ideal occasion for turning into a fancy dress party. Have you ever wanted to see your boss dressed up in Grease fancy dress? Well, now’s your opportunity.

There are literally hundreds of different fancy dress themes that you could choose from in order to turn your party into something really memorable. Part of the fun of hosting a costume event is declaring a theme and then observing the various different fancy dress ideas that people have come up with. If you are stuck for ideas then perhaps you could choose a decade to remember. Some of the most popular fancy dress costumes are 60s, 70s or 80s outfits. If not you could always look further into the past and go for The Wild West (Cowboys and Indians), Pirates or Medieval fancy dress themes. Failing that you could go for a fantasy or fictional genre - asking your guests to dress in superhero, fairytale or movie character fancy dress costumes. Whichever you choose, there are so many fancy dress ideas to choose from; the possibilities are endless - which makes it all the more fun...

In times past, it used to be that the only fancy dress outfits available were at old dusty fancy dress hire shops. These days, however, you can buy fantastic quality costumes for very cheap prices to give you an amazing look for your fancy dress party without the worry of having to take them back the morning after! At Universal Fancy Dress we stock thousands of costume designs right through from Lady Gaga to James Bond, and our price match guarantee means that you can’t buy them cheaper anywhere in the UK.

To cater for the ladies we have an ever growing array of sexyladies fancy dress outfits to stun and disarm any special men in their lives. We also have a whole host of authentic costumes and even funny outfits to suit any and every occasion.

For mens fancy dress we also stock a vast array of ridiculous and silly fancy dress costumes, alongside other outfits that will have the ladies eyes turning towards them for other reasons than laughter. Finally, we also stock a very large range of childrens fancy dresscostumes, whether they need an outfit for a school book day, a Victorian or Tudor outing, or for a fancy dress birthday party you will find something to suit them.

So at Universal Fancy Dress we believe that turning a normal party into a fancy dress costume party is the best way to turn a great night into a truly memorable one.  We wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t! To help you do this we have a huge range of fancy dress costumes, accessories, masks, hats and all other fancy dress related treasure troves for anybody and everybody. We offer free delivery for all orders over £20 and we guarantee all our prices to be no more than the cheapest on the market. You need go no further than Universal Fancy Dress for all your party and costume needs – happy browsing and even happier partying.

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