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Undoubtedly and indisputably the most popular time of the year, when it comes to fancy dress costumes, is Halloween! The 31st of October is like Christmas, except instead of Santa Claus you have vampires and instead of elves you have zombies. This is the one night of the year where kids in Halloween fancy dress costumes are allowed to wander the streets threatening locals unless they are provided with sweeties and adults can legitimately dress up in their scariest outfits in order to scare the pants off of all their friends and family.

Unfortunately it’s unclear whether Halloween really comes from the Christian ‘All Hallows Eve’, as it’s name implies, which was a day of prayer before All Saints Day or whether this was originally a Pagan Celtic festival known as Samhain, meaning ‘end of the summer’.  Whatever the original meaning or intention of the celebration,  our modern cultural interpretation was devised by the Americans who, as with many other things, took the idea from us and decided to turn it into a commercial opportunity,  so building it into something bigger and much more popular. However, now that the Americans have given us a starter and shown us how Halloween can be celebrated, it has seeped its way faster and faster into Britain and become an even bigger party occasion.

Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes provide a fantastic evening for children, with the opportunity for boys and girls to dress in scary costumes in order to terrorise the neighbourhood and exchange sweeties for promises not to play various horrible pranks. It’s a fantastic time for kid’s imaginations to run wild as they come up with their own Halloween costume ideas when creating or choosing their outfits. Then of course post sweetie hunting there are the children’s parties to get involved in, with all the games and competitions like bobbing for apples or telling ghost stories. There is definitely an awesome time to be had by both adults and children. For kids the popular fancy dress themes tend to be scary for boys but pretty and colourful for girls. Vampires, ghouls, ghosts, zombies and anything else usually dead or gross are costumes that the boys all flock to as they are much more into scaring the pants off others at the party than girls, who tend to like dressing as princesses or angels or cute witches so that in their Halloween Fancy Dress Costume they can be extra pretty, as with all other fancy dress occasions. For girls Disney costumes are very popular and always a winner.

As for adults, they definitely don’t let children have all the fun. Halloween parties for adults are becoming extremely popular and compared with the kids there is just as much, if not more fancy dress. Because what better reason is there for having a full on fancy dress party than Halloween, the biggest costume day of the year! And with every pub, club, bar or venue in the UK organising some sort of Halloween themed night there is absolutely no excuse not to garb yourself in your most scary outfit and have some fun. 

For men, Halloween fancy dress costumes focus very much on being scary, in fact the general idea is that the scarier the outfit is and more screams it claims the better! Therefore zombies are definitely always a popular choice, along with ghouls, mummies, scary clowns, monsters and basically anything that instils terror in others. A good quality horror mask is the perfect tool for a male Halloween costume because you can easily create an awesomely horrifying effect with almost no knowledge of makeup. This is markedly different than the case for Ladies Halloween costumes where  the emphasis is on taking something scary and adding a sexy fancy dress twist to it. While men will quite happily dress up to scare, ladies want to dress to impress. So, obviously sexy witches and sexy devils are very popular year on year. However with the huge amount of Halloween fancy dress ideas available there is a wide choice of costumes available to give that scintillating twist on the scariest night of the year.

An area that is becoming increasingly popular for Halloween fancy dress costumes is couples costumes, the idea that you and your other half dress in complimenting costumes. For example the two of you could go as Mr and Mrs Freddy Krueger or a Vampire and his Bride. It’s a cute idea for a party and a good way of coordinating your fancy dress if you are in a couple.

Naturally it would be incomplete to talk about Halloween fancy dress costumes without mentioning a few iconic ideas from the world of movies and television that chill every one of us from the depths of cinema and TV screens. These are the likes of Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm St, who terrorises children’s nightmares with blades on his fingers and an Indiana Jones fedora; Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, who officially made the hockey mask scary; Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre with his dangerously oversized chainsaw as well as many others from classic horror movies such as Beetlejuice, Scream, Chucky, Frankenstein and Dracula to name but a few. The reason why these are such popular outfits is that not only are they scary costumes, but they drag up memories of watching these movies through your fingers whilst wondering why you thought it would be a good idea to watch it amid the bloodcurdling screams.

Fancy dress accessories for Halloween are an obvious must! The massive range of different weapons, wigs, blood, gloves and other alarming accessories means that there is something for every costume. Whether it be a bloody knife or some subtle but very effective cosmetic contact lenses no costume is complete without the addition of a little accessorising.

At Universal Fancy Dress we have a truly spine-chillingly spooky range of Halloween fancy dress costumes, accessories, wigs and masks, whether you want to be petrifying or provocative, fearful or flirtatious. For men we have outfits to suit the gory, scary or down right terrifying, including some of the best quality horror masks on the market. For ladies we have both the scary and the sexy, if you want to both titillate and terrify this Halloween then you’ve come to the right place, we have something for everyone. Then to compliment your creepy costume, or to build it from scratch, we have a huge range of accessories to choose from, that way you’re never short of something to stab someone with. At Universal Fancy Dress we offer next day delivery for anybody who’s left things a bit last minute and free standard delivery for orders over £20. You can’t say fairer than that! So for this Halloween make sure the one place you stop by is here, but of course beware – we’re not for the faint hearted!!!


Halloween fancy dress costumes

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