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For many women, putting together an outfit for a party can be quite a daunting task. There are so many factors to consider, such as – Who’s going to be there? – What’s the occasion? - What did you wear the last time?  What will others be wearing? –  It’s never as simple as men seem to think. Therefore some women might think that the idea of throwing fancy dress into this equation would make the decisions too much to cope with for anybody but the most fashionably aware. There may be others for whom the very  idea of ‘ladies fancy dress’ conjures up visions of old hire costume shops where you can rent big frumpy outfits that look as if they have been around for a hundred years, but aren’t particularly flattering to anybody anymore. Now if you take either of these view points for ladies fancy dress costumes then you could be missing out on a great opportunity.  Leave others to hire musty old complicated outfits that they have to spend ages putting together, and if frumpy is their thing then by all means leave them to hire their costume at some dingy shop. Because you can now sort out all the answers to all those questions with a ready-made fancy dress costume that will make you look like a Greek Goddess (or any other type of Goddess you prefer to be!).  Universal Fancy Dress has got be the right place for you to be.

The main difference between adult ladies fancy dress costumes and men’s is that with women the focus is much more on being sexy. This covers the majority of ladies fancy dress themes and ideas since what we have done is to take a traditional fancy dress theme and add a sexy twist to it. Some of the most popular examples of this are: sexy pirate fancy dress, sexy ladies sailor fancy dress, sexy cavewomen outfits – you get the idea. There are thousands of themed costumes on our site that are designed to make you ladies look absolutely irresistible. Even at Halloween when the point is to be gruesome and scary there are loads of great outfits to give that extra injection of titillation, since, of course, when you arrive at a party you want all the boys to notice.

Looking back through history there are so many heroines that you can get great ideas from for your fancy dress costume. Within the realm of music, Madonna stands front and centre as one of the all-time greats of female music personalities in the last few decades and certainly has the most iconic look. This makes her a great choice for a fancy dress costume for any 80’s themed fancy dress or celebrity themed party. If you want to be a little more up to date then Lady Gaga and her weird and wonderful style, or Cheryl Cole’s famous military outfit both make fantastic modern fancy dress costumes. Looking elsewhere to Movies there is of course the classic Marilyn Monroe white dress costume that is totally iconic for all ages, and also a massive range of great film ideas to choose from including The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Pink Ladies from Grease, Lara Croft or decades of Disney movies heroines.

For the ladies, the idea of casting away all shame and inhibitions for a laugh with the girls is something much less common in the world of women’s fancy dress than for men, but of course there are also some fantastic ladies fancy dress costumes that are extremely amusing, but the difference is that there is always a nice mix between funny and sexy so that girls don’t have to worry about embarrassing themselves to quite the same degree as men.

Finally for the more voluptuous ladies, we carry an amazing range of ladies plus size fancy dress costumes, because the bigger the size the bigger the fun and a lot of the smaller outfits are not good at flattering a fuller figure. For any theme and any idea we always have an XL ladies costume to suit it. Too often people forget that not everyone is a size 8 but at Universal Fancy Dress we make sure that you don’t have to be tiny to look irresistible, which means that our plus size range is just as sexy as the rest.

We make sure at Universal Fancy Dress that we are your one stop, complete source for any kind of ladies fancy dress costumes. We have a huge range of tantalising outfits that are perfect for every occasion for every lady. We have a massive range of the best costumes, accessories, hats and makeup for Halloween and Christmas as well as every day themes and ideas. We make sure that we stock both the cheaper end of the range of costumes as well as high quality so as to cater for all possible needs but you can also rest assured that all of our outfits are up to the job of looking great for an evening or a weekend occasion. We’re aware that ladies want to look amazing when going out so we make sure that, no matter what size you are, all of our costumes will do exactly that without you having to wrack your fashion head over what to put with what. Not only that but to keep costs to a minimum for you, Universal Fancy Dress also offers free delivery on all orders over £20 and for anyone who leaves things until the last possible moment we also offer next day delivery. For any and every fancy dress party need, we really are your number one online shop to turn to.


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